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What's Up?

Visible Planets and the Moon  in October

Venus - Look to the west after sunset to see bright Venus which will be visible for about two more hours.  Venus appears bright because the planet is completed enshrouded in clouds which reflect the majority of sunlight hitting them.  Venus does go through phases like the moon.

Saturn -  Now only visible low in the western sky near sunset.

Mars -  Rises late at night.  If you are not a night owl, look for Mars setting in the west in the early morning.

Jupiter -  Also rises late a night, earlier than Mars.  By late in the month Jupiter will be rising in the evening and Mars around midnight

Moon International Moon Night is celebrated during the first quarter phase in October (the 12th this year).  Check out the website to see events in your area.  Moon is full Oct. 18.

Spotting the International Space Station

A lot of times to view the ISS this month.  Check out this chart and use the arrows above the chart to move through the month.

Comet ISON

The comet, discovered in the fall of 2012,  is now entering the inner solar system.  It is unknown at this time how bright the comet will become but it is worth tracking!  Monthly news available from Earth-Sky.

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Solar Viewing during Kite Festival (6/23/13)

Fun with the Sun at Children's Museum of SD (7/20/13)

Found A Meteorite?

Think you've found a meteorite?  Check HERE for descriptions and simple tests.